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Community Inspections - Most homeowners never really see their community. Driving to and from their homes the travelling eye never grasps the small details that can have a lasting impact on the overall operation. Such details are specifically targeted as part of the community inspection to provide the most comprehensive maintenance report possible. Outlining immediate and long-term needs, a comprehensive inspection can help a Board project for repairs and their expenses through proper scheduling of staff and / or vendor services and accurate allocation of necessary funds.

Operational & Reserve Budget Review - When is the last time your Association checked their line item costs against real world costs? Most Associations have confidence in their managing agent during budget season and trust that the typical 3, 4 or more percent increase is suitable to their HOA needs. While a well funded Association is highly desired (and required), many Associations often never realize that they are taking in more money than required. Or even worse, not enough to cover accurate costs for large projects. A quick review of the budget compared to actual maintenance requirements can help determine if budgeted costs align with actual costs.

Likewise, a reserve budget review, not a Reserve Study, can help ensure that a Reserve Study is accurately reporting current costs. By obtaining current, viable estimates for those larger reserve items, you can better ensure that your reserve budget is accurately and properly funded. Items typically under / over funded are roofing, painting, roadways and sidewalks.

Office Operations Analysis - Many smaller HOAs rely on a "working" manager with the primary responsibility being maintenance and landscaping. This often leads to poorly managed administrative systems that can create legal issues for an Association when poorly maintained files are sought for legal purposes. A review and report of the office systems, and how to improve them can have an immediate and long lasting impact on any Association.

Staffing Analysis - More and more HOAs are struggling to pay long term employees because they can eventually price themselves out of their respective trade. Landscapers making salaries well above the industry standard is a common dilemma experienced by many. Managers with oversight of a small community earning a salary consistent with a large one. Such instances highlight the need to gain a handle on staffing through current industry standards. As well, this specific aspect of CCS will directly correlate to the community inspection. Simply asked, are you confident that your present staffing levels are accurate to the size of your Community? Are they earning their keep?

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